100 hour Yoga Retreat

Packing List For Vinyasa Yoga Training Retreat
It is very important to know what to pack for a yoga retreat? Here’s a perfect list for for packing before coming to India.

The most important things you should start to pack are pair of pants, how many T-Shirts, etc. you should bring the stuff what you want to do and what should your outfit should be for the occasion. The typical yoga holiday maybe a yoga class, a day at beach, trekking, exploring the town, going out to a nice restaurant, hanging out with new yoga friends

When you have the list of things you have to take with you then the real work begins, that is how you can get everything in your suitcase. One important piece of advice to you my friends is don’t take a lot of shoes with you. You don’t need them and they occupy a lot of space in your luggage.

Regarding exercises clothing visualizing 2-3 sweaty yoga classes you would be tempted to bring in a lot of exercise clothes.Restrain yourself you could wear them more than once. Bring a travel washing liquid along with you to give a quick wash in between, they will dry out fast in the sun

;Here is our suggestion for yoga retreat in Rishikesh, India

  • Pair of yoga pants
  • 2-3 yoga tops
  • A big nice shawl
  • warm pair of socks required for morning meditation.
  • 1 light jersey cardigan or a fleece
  • T-Shirt and a long shirt
  • Long woolen cardigan to wear on plane and also evenings

For the beach

  • Sarong that can double on beach
  • Comfortable pants for evening, wear with a T-Shirt or a blouse
  • Underwear and a slip wear
  • A nice hat for protection from sun rays
  • Simple jersey dress or a cotton sundress that packs on without getting crumpled.
  • A great maxi dress would also work day and night.
The very important and obvious
  • Sunglasses, sun cream, toothpaste, brush, comb, and some sun protection spray if you have a long hair
  • Don’t forget your travel documents, credit cards, passport, travel ticket, money for additional expenses.
  • Prescribed medicines, international charger, ear plug, laptop etc

Dont worry if you miss on something ( baring the key documents) as they are easily available here.

Have a wonderful yoga vacation Enjoy!