Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training School Dharamshala

Vinyasa Yoga School-Bhagshu,Mcleodganj,Dharmsala

Vinyasa Yoga School in Bhagshu Nag ,Mcleodganj,Dharmashala


200 Hour Vinyasa Ashtanga Multi Style Teacher Training in Bhagshu nag, Dharmasala -2017

Course Dates of 28 Days Yoga Residential Teacher Training :2017
06th March to 31st March-2017 : Course fee $1400
4th April to 30th April-2017 :Course fee $ 1400
3rd May to 30th May-2017 : Course fee $ 1400
4th June to 30th Jun-2017 : Course fee $ 1400
03rd July to 30th July – 2017 : Course fee $ 1400
03rd August to 28th August -2017: Course fee $ 1400 03rd September to 28th September- 2017 : Course fee $ 1400
03rd October to 28th October -2017 : Course fee $ 1400

Daily Schedule : 2017 – Please refer Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh Page as It will be followed for Dharamshala.

200 Hours – Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamshala – Syllabus Outline

Four week Vinyasa Intensive teaching certification course is entirely unique Program consisting formal structure of preparation of the aspiring yoga teacher.
• Mantra chanting with Ethics of the day .
• Kriyas – Practice and Techniques of Four Shatkarma (Body Cleansing techniques ).
• Practice and learning techniques of Pranayama ( Breathing techniques).
• 1st -Learning and practice techniques of Vinyasa flow yoga asana ( Physical Postures).
• 2nd -Learning and practice techniques of Ashtanga & Vinyasa flow Body alignment /yoga asana ( Physical Postures).
• Practice & learning of Dhyan ( Meditation).
• Anatomy & Physiology – Understand of our own body needs to know that basic knowledge of Physiology and anatomy. You will be taken through mainly 5 to 6 body system. In yogic Anatomy section you will be guided for understanding physical body ,subtle body and emotion body. Chakras, Nadi , Prana’s ,bandhas & body.
• History and Philosophy of Yoga – Tantra Philosophy , 8 Limbs of Yoga – Patanjali Yoga sutra, Raja yoga , Yogic explanation of Ved Vyas Bhagwat Gita. Yogic discipline & Indian Vedic culture.
• Vinyasa Flow Alignment & Adjustment Skill Development – Alignment & Adjustment of Yoga poses will be a mixture of knowing the optimal correct postures of Vinyasa flow & Ashtanga series of yoga, usage of props, limitations,restrictions,optional poses, connected yoga poses, etc.
• Teaching mythology & Skill Development – Student will teach a small group class and discuss in a group about the class. This will bring a broad understanding about the teaching skills and creativity of series.
• Demonstration and Assisting within Group – In the last week of teaching –each Student will play a role of assistant yoga teacher be with a yoga teacher in class.It will create a habitual for the aspirant teachers to go teaching with a new idea or way of approach to the postures of asana.
Detailed Syllabus shall be given to the students at School during course orientation.
28 Days Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program Inclusion :
Mountain view Rooms Single or Double Occupancy,3 Meals,Local sight seeing and trekking on Weekends.
It is an inexpensive residential teacher training course for Beginner and Advanced Practitioners.Who wants to become a certified Yoga instructor.
For joining the course please mail us at – [email protected] or fill up the yoga teacher training application.

About School Location

In northern India a wonderful city named Mcleodganj ,Bhagshu Dharamshala, it is the city arranged in the delightful condition of mountains, waterfalls and astounding timberlands, it is the state named himanchal Pradesh lies in the northern piece of India.The school is near Skypie Guest House, Near German Bakery Road.

Vinyasa Yoga School,Upper Bhagshu,Dharmshala

Vinyasa Yoga School in Mcleodganj ,Upper Bhagshu,Dharmashala

Dharamshala it is a word made up of joining of two words Dharma and shale, which implies in the English profound staying. The delightful city Dharamshala is arranged amidst the Tibetan oust world in India. As the Dharamshala individuals are lived who are the Tibetan uprising and they were the Tibetan displaced people who took after the standards of the Dalai Lama. Dharamshala is popular and appealing destination for Indian and remote visitor, in view of vicinity of them, including of the understudies who are concentrating on in Tibet.

Our yoga school is arranged in the upper piece of bhagsu – town which is above of the Dharamshala city and McLeod Ganj, it is a magnificent spot possessed for yoga classes, it is a warm and inspirable spot for classes. This spot is concealed and situated a long way from the Dharamshala city life and as yet having a neighborhood social focus and the having meeting point place for some explorers. The corridor in this spot has an enthusiastic property. In the nighttimes music and different specialists’ occasions are composed here, at the day time in the bhagsu you can appreciate the tasteful heated breads and cakes somebody says Bhagsu is “your genuine home far from home”.

The elevation here is between from 1250 and 1982 meters. The temperature is greatest close around 15 to 30 degrees Celsius amid April, May, and June season. Also, from the begin of July to the end of Septembers there is storm season here. In the early hours of the morning and amid the nighttimes a light rain is to be fundamental in this may or June season for the wonderful air of nature, it can be cold, so some light warm garments would be beneficial for us. In the day time environment can be warm with little measure of daylight, clean sky, a lovely view seems to watch to feel and great climate.